braune Sauce und andere Idioten


Habt ihr denn gar nichts gelernt?

Genau so fing es vor 100 Jahren auch an!

Die Dümmsten mit der grössten Klappe blenden die eigenen Fehler aus um sie den anderen in die Schuhe zu schieben.

An Allem sind die Juden/Schwulen/Asylanten (beliebig austauschbar) schuld;
– Die nehmen mir die Jobs weg (für die Du zu gut bist)
– Die nehmen mir die Frauen/Männer weg (für die Du zu einfältig bist)
– Die sind alles Kriminelle (Du betrügst ja nur deine Versicherung, deinen Arbeitgeber beim Blaumachen und den Staat mit deiner Steuererklärung etc.)
– Die stinken und sind schmutzig (Du duschst nie aber Dein Schweiss riecht ja nicht, und Du schmeisst grad’ den Zigarettenstummel auf den Boden)
– Die machen die Züge schmutzig, in denen sie tagelang eingesperrt waren wie in einem Gefängnis (Du zerschlitzt ja nur die Sitze deines FC-Basel/Openair/Streatparade-Extrazuges, kotzt alles voll, schmeisst die Schuhe aus dem Fenster, grölst jeden der Gegnermannschaft/Nichthascher/Normalo wie ein brünstiger Hirsch an und machst mit obszönen Sprüchen die Mädchen auf dem Perron an…)

Danach gehst Du wählen, wenn du das überhaupt mal machst! Denn normalerweuse jannst du nichts ausser Sprüche klopfen! Die Politiker nicht ganz so dumm wie sie aussehen, schlagen aus Deinem einfältigem Hass, Deiner Blindheit Kapital und erzählen/lügen Dir das Braune vom Himmel: “wenn die Asylanten weg sind, wenn die Schwulen nicht heiraten dürfen, wenn das Mittelmeer geschlossen wird gehts uns allen viel besser. Nur nicht reinlassen, dann hast du wieder Jobs, dann hast du wieder Geld. Denn das sind alles Betrüger, gell?!” (Unterdessen verschieben eben diese Politiker Deinen Job ins Ausland damit ihre Margen höher werden, weil outsourcing/Geiz geil ist. Siehe Blocher und Konsorten…)

Und du nennst uns blind???

Der gute Hitler wurde vom deutschen Volk damals auch gewählt! Genau so fing es damals auch an! Und die Letzten die das erlebten sind noch nicht mal tot!

Natürlich, nachher will Jeder ein Widerstandskämpfer und keiner ein Nazi gewesen sein! Nein, Du bist wahrlich kein Held! Sondern ein dummer und einfältiger Feigling!

Und falls wir auf irgendeiner Plattform “befreundet” sein sollten, bitte ich dich mich umgehend zu entfolgen! Mit dir will ich nichts zu tun haben!


Why Does it Matter if a Character is Gay?

He is rising some excellent questions

Jonah Bergan

Jonah Bergan Why does it matter if a character is gay?

It’s a fair question, I suppose. It’s a fair question for those who feel that their own sexuality is somehow unimportant or is some manner disconnected from their identity. It’s a fair question for those who feel that anyone’s sexuality is an aberration or distraction from their true being. I for one don’t feel that is the case, but in this age where the mere mention of a difference between us is held up as an example of someone’s political agenda, I understand how it could seem to be a part of that and how, in order to protest the many agendas that may or may not exist, it might seem appropriate to label sexuality irrelevant and just move on.

It’s no one’s business after all, no one needs to know what you do in the bedroom, alone in the dark or with a partner, unless of course you socialize…

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Actor Paul Walker dies in fiery crash


Global News

ABOVE: Actor Paul Walker dead at 40. Mike Armstrong reports

This story has been updated since it was originally posted at 9:28pm EST on Nov. 30.

TORONTO — Actor Paul Walker, best known for his role in the Fast and the Furious movie franchise, died Saturday. He was 40.

Walker and his friend Roger Rodas, 38, were killed when the Porsche GT they were in lost control and crashed. The star was a passenger in the car, which burst into flames.

Sgt. Brian Allen of the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department said Sunday that speed was definitely a factor in the accident. He said the car hit a tree, a concrete light post, a second tree and finally came to rest against another tree and burst into flames.

Two occupants were pronounced dead at the scene. Allen said investigators are using dental records to positively identify the victims, whose bodies were burned beyond…

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Jani writes to Melissa Bachman


My Grilling Life - Jani Allan


Dear Melissa,

I have to hand it to you.

That pic of you sitting gloating triumphantly behind the huge male lion you killed has gone viral.

I’m not saying that people aren’t admiring your big strong teeth or even your big strong breast implants.

But your timing was all kinds of special. A week after we hear that the western black rhino is officially extinct, you post this picture of yourself on all your social media sites. Now you are front page news in many countries. Even the comedian Ricky Gervais has weighed in. He thinks you are a great hunt. Typo.

When a man wantonly destroys one of the works of man we call him a vandal. What then do we call a person who shoots a wild animal?

Not for food, or even for their pelt. Just for pleasure.

Help me on this. I want to understand what…

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What happens to a Facebook profile when someone dies?

What You can do to memorialize a friends Facebook Acount after he/she died.

Deb's Answers

When someone with a Facebook profile dies, their profile should be memorialized.

Memorializing an account still allows friends and family to post in remembrance, but it secures the account so that no one can sign-in to it.  It also prevents the profiles from being suggested as friends to other members. Only confirmed friends can post on or find in search a profile that has been memorialized.

To memorialize the Facebook profile of someone who has died, fill out this form: Report a Death. The form asks for email addresses that may have been used to create the account, your relationship to the deceased and proof (obituary or news article) of the death.

Only an immediate family member can request that the account of a deceased person be deleted using this form: Delete Account of Deceased.

Facebook will not give the password of the account to anyone.

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A dinosaur talks: Guido Barilla a La zanzara, on Radio24, on 25. September 2013

This Wednesday a dinosaur gave a radio interview. His name: Guido Barilla. His opinions: antiquated, dumb, homophobic, bigott and misogynous.

I quote: “we would never ever show a gay family in any of our ads, because we stand for the traditional family. If gays don’t like that, they are more than welcome to eat other pasta brands. they are all free of doing what they want in order not to annoy others.”

Well, since I am married with no kids, I too am NOT in a traditional familiy. So I am not in the Barillian target group. Right? Oh well, I can live with that.


Hier die Deutsche Übersetzung des Textes: “Wir werden in unserer Werbung niemals homosexuelle Paare oder Familien zeigen, denn wir stehen für das traditionelle Familienbild. Wenn das den Schwulen nicht passt, sollen Sie doch Pasta einer anderen Marke essen! Jeder ist frei zu tun was er will um anderen nicht auf den Geist zu gehen”  (Danke dafür an Stoeps)

Et en français cela dit à peut près: “Je ne mettrais  jamais une famille homosexuelle dans notre publicité, car nous sommes pour la famille traditionnelle. Si les gays ne sont pas d’accord, ils peuvent toujours manger des pâtes d’un autre fabricant. Tous sont libres de faire ce qu’ils veulent pour ne pas ennuyer les autres”

“Non metterei in una nostra pubblicità una famiglia gay perché noi siamo per la famiglia tradizionale. Se i gay non sono d’accordo, possono sempre mangiare la pasta di un’altra marca. Tutti sono liberi di fare ciò che vogliono purché non infastidiscano gli altri”.


My conclusion: I will not buy Barilla products again!

Mia conclusione: Non compro piu prodotti Barilla!

Mein Fazit: Ich kaufe keine Barilla Produkte mehr!

Ma conclusion: je’n achèterai plus de produits Barilla!

AND YOU??? E TU??? UND DU??? ET TOI???


Grazie a Marco Grimaldi: per quest’ articolo.


#BoycottBarilla #BoicottaBarilla

Classic Music Review: The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd

Interesting points.


The Dark Side of the Moon was an immediate success, topping the Billboard Top LPs & Tapes chart for one week. It subsequently remained in the charts for 741 weeks from 1973 to 1988. With an estimated 50 million copies sold, it is Pink Floyd’s most commercially successful album and one of the best-selling albums worldwide. It has twice been remastered and re-released, and has been covered in its entirety by several other acts. It spawned two singles, “Money” and “Time”. In addition to its commercial success, The Dark Side of the Moon is one of Pink Floyd’s most popular albums among fans and critics, and is frequently ranked as one of the greatest albums of all time. On 22 March 2013, the album was preserved by the Library of Congress into the National Recording Registry, calling it “culturally, historically, and aesthetically significant, and/or reflect life in the United States.”

Wikipedia article

Like Diana Nyad, I’ve swum…

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