The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein

Enzo the dog, named after Enzo Ferrari says goodbye to life in a very special way…
The Art of Racing is a book you’ve got to read, if you love good old fashioned heartwarming story’s, captivating writing, and of course dogs and other four legged friends in general. It has a wonderful storyline and characters you become immediately attached to, because of the passion for details Garth Stein put in developing Enzo and his entourage…
I read it one day after having to put my good and loyal old friend Cliff to sleep after 15 years of common life. He had suffered a stroke and after two days, and when i told him it was time to leave and ok to let go, he did.
Enzos Loyalty, his devotion, patience and profound believe in his “master” is something you can only understand if you shared some time with a four legged friend and if your lucky enough to have had that kind of intimate friendship, you can learn as much from them, as Enzo did from Denny.
To me the book raises some more philosophical questions: While Enzo wants to come back as a man, wouldn’t we be better of, if certain man came back as dogs? Enzo final aims are to make himself more/better than he was, when being born. Is that not what drives the best of us to…
About the racing car parable IMHO: Brilliant thought. That’s what survival of the fittest means right?! (Not the fastest in the first round, but the observing, vigilant, best prepared and sometimes most patient is finally gonna win the long races like le mans or Indy 500)
My favorite part: “Learn to listen! I beg of you. Pretend you are a dog like me, and listen to other people and not steal their stories”


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