Etre the cow, by Sean Kenniff

Please check the homepage for the stories summary.  As usual I will share my opinion about it with you and no more…

Berchtold Brecht wrote: „Die dümmsten Kälber wählen ihre Metzger selber“ Roughly translated “the dumbest cow, chooses its own butcher” 

The meaning being: we follow blindly, without thinking and choose our life without really choosing it consciously. 

Etre changes that… He becomes aware… 

Or as some others would have said: 

– He awakens (Jim Morrison
Cogito, ergo sum (Descartes)
– J’ai pas choisi de vivre ici, entre la soumission, la peur ou l’abandon, J’m’en sortirai, je te le jure, à coup de livres, je franchirai tous ces murs (Jean-Jacques Goldmann)

I have rarely read a more erudite and skilled story, packed with philosophical allegories. Very challenging psychological assertions, brought to you in a language you will LOVE and understand. Read it with an open mind, think about what it tells you, what unquestioned answers it reveals to you and it will blow your mind away! 

All in all: I recommend it to 100% 

Except to those who don’t like books that accrue them as a human being and help them evolve into more consciousness! To those I say: Beware! Because you wont have any excuses left for NOT taking your life into your own hands, after reading this, anymore. 

Archbishop Desmond Tutu was right about this one Sean! Superbe travaille!


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