Still Life With Brass Pole, by Craig Machen

Per aspera ad astra!

I read this book twice and fell in love with that lovable, romantic soul.

This Biographic Book is about Craig’s search for a place to call home and someone to love, and who will love him back, unconditionally. He is also looking for the classic answers we all look for when we’re young. Who am I, why am I here, will I be like my parents, when I grow up? Only in his case, with the adoption, the neglegtion, the abandon you feel them being twice as corroding on his soul.

But by growing older, smarter, and more sober he manages to find those answers and through them, ultimately unveils his true self. Sir Lancelot!

While reading you just can’t stop thinking, this boy had so much love to give, despite having received so few. Where does he take it from? The book ultimately also raises the question why some people adopt at all.

The story itself is captivating and heartwarming. Its deeply and hopefully romantic.

The metaphors in the book are funny, witty, creative. The anecdotes are truthful, unpretentious, honest.

The writing shows real talent! I am certain that we can expect great things from Craig Machen in the future.

All in all, this has become one of my all time favorite books. I can totally and utterly recommend it! 

And if you … Ladies and Gentleman …  do not fall a tiny little bit for Craig after this, I do not know …



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