How to Avoid Being Killed in a War Zone: The Essential Survival Guide for Dangerous Places, by Rosie Garthwaite

How to avoid being killed in a war zone, offers practical advise, that will help you survive some of the world’s most hostile environments. 

Now the content is, honestly, nothing new. But the writing style is splendid.

I don’t know, if Rosie Garthwaite meant it that way, but some of her statements are so painstakingly bone dry, that they become hilarious reads.

I love that, because it reminds me of the sense of humor, I had as a senior firefighter sometimes, that alienates those who have not seen what I have seen. But with my colleagues/brothers at the hose, it was like a ping-pong match… Surprisingly we do recognize each other all over the world with that kind of humor… Also other Brothers in Arms… Not sure this makes any sense to whomever… But Rosie maybe?!

Don’t get me wrong, this book can and will be very useful for many, and should be used with (GMV = gesundem Menschenverstand) common sense/horse-sense.

I will cherish this book for the rest of my life! Thank you!