Hey guys, about tomorrow… IMHO… please remember…
it wasn’t so much about God, or the “right” Religion, than it was about Lies, Intolerance, Power and Humans.

The Power to “prove” Others wrong by killing them…
Intolerance, about Others living their life differently from what some define as worthy.
Intolerance about what name God should be given, and how many “chapters” of that wise book we should acknowledge.

And Lies, about what young people where and are still told to serve this dreadful purpose of killing Innocent people.

Humans can so easily be deceived, if they have not learned to think for themselves, to make up their own mind, to judge for themselves. So please NO more killing, NO more hate!

Even as a retired firefighter I can assure you, we are what we are, because we LOVE our neighbor. We do not ask about his or her religion, skin color or sex, when we go in to rescue someone.

So, honor the fallen One’s by saving, rescuing, helping… That’s what they lived for, that’s what they died for…

And to them, their friends, colleagues, families and acquaintances, I can only say one thing: Thank You…



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