What happens to a Facebook profile when someone dies?

What You can do to memorialize a friends Facebook Acount after he/she died.

Deb's Answers

When someone with a Facebook profile dies, their profile should be memorialized.

Memorializing an account still allows friends and family to post in remembrance, but it secures the account so that no one can sign-in to it.  It also prevents the profiles from being suggested as friends to other members. Only confirmed friends can post on or find in search a profile that has been memorialized.

To memorialize the Facebook profile of someone who has died, fill out this form: Report a Death. The form asks for email addresses that may have been used to create the account, your relationship to the deceased and proof (obituary or news article) of the death.

Only an immediate family member can request that the account of a deceased person be deleted using this form: Delete Account of Deceased.

Facebook will not give the password of the account to anyone.

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