Ghostbusters 2016

My thoughts include a certain spoiler at the very end.

No, not all people disliking the new Ghostbusters have ridiculous attitudes and are misogynist buffoons: I am a woman. The first female firefighter in my country and a feminist. I saw the new one. And I can “open-mindedly” tell you that it was just as dumb, lazily written and sexist as the trailers predicted. All men in it are portrayed as morons, idiots and thugs. All of them! The only way to destroy super baddie is to shoot him in the… (and they call “us” sexists) 

The whole thing was like an overlong and very bad SNL sketch. Comparable only to MacGruber. You thought: hmm, great premiss, even RDA is part of it, then you actually saw it, and your jaw dropped.

If you liked MacGruber, you’ll like Ghostbusters 2016. If you didn’t, you won’t.

But to brand us, who dislike the new movie as all being misogynist pigs and worse, is just as wrong and insulting as not to accept that some are simply tired of all the inutile reboots, who are way worse than the original. The last really good remake must have been John Carpenter’s The Thing, with its iconic soundtrack. And while we’re at it: None of us ever claimed the new movie ruins our childhood, that phrase was only used by the marketing “geniuses” and bloggers hired to blame everyone else for this disaster, other than those truly responsible: the writers and director! And yes I know Aykroyd was part of the writing team, but then, I also know that he wrote and directed Nothing But Trouble aka Valkenvania. And that proved to be a “What the hell were you thinking?!” 

The trailers of Ghostbusters 2016 show us the best we can expect from this movie, as a trailer should, the “best scenes” are in it, and they sure kept their promise! 

Except for this part, that wasn’t in the trailers. Or as Cartman so eloquently put it years ago: It doesn’t matter, Butters! You never shoot a guy in the dick! Everyone knows that! Shooting a guy in the dick!? That’s just… that’s just weak… I can’t believe you, Feig. 

Cartman to Butters )


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