Doctor Who and the 2016 Christmas Special

Sorry, guys, but about all the Doctor Who predictions and spoilers leaking everywhere, I will not read them, and I will not comment or like any blogpost or post about it either! My reasons:

  1. Moffat lies! The Doctor lies! The BBC lies!
  2.  #DoctorWho (since Tom Baker) has always made me feel like a little kid again, when watching it for the first time, many many years back. There were no spoilers back then, we only knew when and were it would be on. One or two weeks ahead we might have started wondering and guessing if it would still scare us as much as last year’s episode (a thing we never admitted to our friends, but of course it did. Every year, it did scare us.) And then we sat down in front of the telly, fully stuffed after an abundant Christmas dinner with the family, satisfied, tired and anxious, half hiding under the Christmas tree, darkness outside, and we watched! With all our minds. With surprise, astonishment eager suspense in our eyes, attentive (!) not live tweeting or analysing what was different from what had been announced, and trying to come up with snarky recaps in 140. We just marvelled at the story, frightened at times, hiding behind the sofa occasionally, but with huge eyes and an open mind. And it blew us away. Because we did not expect it, we did not know. So, please remind yourselves that this is what made Doctor Who a legend (besides the great stories of course): our own childlike eyes and mind. Don’t spoil it, don’t pseudo overanalyse every breadcrumb thrown at you from the producers and the BBC, just for a few clicks. Wait! Be patient! An rediscover what all children know, the thrill of anticipation is the best thrill of all! And last but not least
  3. Moffat lies. The BBC lies. So, it’ll all be different anyway…

A very merry Christmas to all of YOU, and may peace, love and childlike joy and amazement be with you! Always! 


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