About me…

ALOHA WordPressers!

I am a fun-loving, goofy, happy, polyglot, open-minded Aquarius, eudaimonistic hedonist Goodreads librarian, polymath, cook, quipster, TV-addict. I am also a proud nerd (LLAP) avid reader, thinker, tweeter, eclectic chatterbox and earbasher, and I am forever dedicated to life and its marvellous mysteries, my man, dogs, cats and friends. Friends… could not live without them. Be it virtually online or full contact, communicating with them is my soul-food.

Besides that I am dreadfully hooked on Scrabble and its online Version: Words with Friends. Yes I am an “addicted” person. Whether I’m also addictive or not… I leave that decision up to You guys…

I am also a “wordjuggler” and “wordmakerupper”

What else? Oh, a retired (but still sharp-tongued) part-time teacher, HAZMAT & safety engineer and now “inactive” smoke diving fire fighter and combat medic. Due to some wee Cancer surgeries and following drug treatments… I became even brighter and shinier than before. No really, I do glow in the dark now!

Anyway, I have bounced back and am now in a team of ex-first responders, who’s there 24/7 when a stressed out colleague in our country needs a chat with someone who’s been there and done that and doesn’t rush into the neck braking Diagnose: PTSD (and we don’t turn green listening to them either)

Oh, and I have ADHD with just a touch of OCD and thus am a “different time-zone thinker”. You might need to bear with me (sorry, only hubby gets to bare with me) in the beginning, to understand my logic behind certain things and being able to follow my minds sudden evasive lane changes. But otherwise I’m pretty harmless… a sook… a larrikin, ya know…

I speak a couple of languages well enough to get myself in trouble in half the pubs between here and Sydney, but not enough to talk myself out of it again. But a smile opens many doors…

What I really love: pitch dark dry humour, integrity, self-deprecating humour, honesty, pythonesque humour, creativity, Aussie humour, positiveness, philanthropy, emotional intelligence. I also adore the Ocean and being in it, on it, above it, under it… Oh yes, and I love humour! (am I repeating myself already?)

What I don’t like so much: ignorance, intolerance, fanaticism of any kind, cruelty, hate, misanthropy and humorless people stiff as pokers judging the book by the cover.

SO PLEASE, guys, don’t be afraid to interact with me on here. I am all amped about this WordPress thing and hope to connect with some of you on regular basis.

And I’ll always take a good book tip. So, mahalo for reading this and (( \m/ ))

Yes, yes, yes, I’m sure You’ve all waited for me and this “about me” is probably about as useful and funny to You as woodworm in a cripple’s crutch…

And I am a proud Exsilian ( https://www.exsila.ch/ )


2 thoughts on “About me…

    • natvalcas 31/12/2012 / 04:58

      Oh la, merci Joseph, tres gentil. Et j’apprécie beaucoup tes mots. Gros bisous 😉


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