A little Christmas Card

Hey guys,

This season I would like to ask of some of you to have the heart and send a little note or card to a friend’s son. He has aspergers syndrome and is really having a hard time with reading/writing. I’m sure there’s some families on here who can even relate with that. His mother Katie’s hopes are that with his own PO Box and key he may grow excited to read the letters and cards and hopefully even respond back to some of you! I know you guys have what it takes to get this kid interested. He’s really worked through some sensory complications recently for pencil/pen to paper and his mom wishes she could get him excited to use this new super power he has. 

They’re not asking for gifts. 

They don’t need donations and this isn’t a go-fund-me or anything like that.

 Just good ol’ fashioned Christmas cheer is what they really need this season.

p.s. Lucas is going to be turning 11 on December 1st. He’s into Star Wars, Computers, Video game design, YouTube video reviews on just about everything, He enjoys riding his off road scooter, Space ships/ Astronauts, Serious Facts,and Nerf Guns, animals seem to love him so much they have moved in. He has 1 cat, 1 golden retriever, 2 guinea pigs, 2 goldfish, and a varied amount of strays who have come to live in his yard from the nearby farms. He loves dressing up in costumes and playing the roles quite seriously.

This is his Adress: 

Lucas Benjamin 

PO BOX 590

Perry, MI 48872


A little word from his mom: “This has already become so much more than just being excited to read, It’s a complete adventure. From my heart to yours – Katie Willson”
Does anyone know any Star Wars movie folks, who could send him a little card with apersonal word or two, as well?

Cheers and Swissmamahugs, 


Doctor Who and the 2016 Christmas Special

Sorry, guys, but about all the Doctor Who predictions and spoilers leaking everywhere, I will not read them, and I will not comment or like any blogpost or post about it either! My reasons:

  1. Moffat lies! The Doctor lies! The BBC lies!
  2.  #DoctorWho (since Tom Baker) has always made me feel like a little kid again, when watching it for the first time, many many years back. There were no spoilers back then, we only knew when and were it would be on. One or two weeks ahead we might have started wondering and guessing if it would still scare us as much as last year’s episode (a thing we never admitted to our friends, but of course it did. Every year, it did scare us.) And then we sat down in front of the telly, fully stuffed after an abundant Christmas dinner with the family, satisfied, tired and anxious, half hiding under the Christmas tree, darkness outside, and we watched! With all our minds. With surprise, astonishment eager suspense in our eyes, attentive (!) not live tweeting or analysing what was different from what had been announced, and trying to come up with snarky recaps in 140. We just marvelled at the story, frightened at times, hiding behind the sofa occasionally, but with huge eyes and an open mind. And it blew us away. Because we did not expect it, we did not know. So, please remind yourselves that this is what made Doctor Who a legend (besides the great stories of course): our own childlike eyes and mind. Don’t spoil it, don’t pseudo overanalyse every breadcrumb thrown at you from the producers and the BBC, just for a few clicks. Wait! Be patient! An rediscover what all children know, the thrill of anticipation is the best thrill of all! And last but not least
  3. Moffat lies. The BBC lies. So, it’ll all be different anyway…

A very merry Christmas to all of YOU, and may peace, love and childlike joy and amazement be with you! Always! 

Voted for Trump? I have only one plea

To my friends (yes, friends) who voted for Trump: You say you voted for Trump for reasons entirely absent from hatred, racism, and misogyny. You are sick of being called a racist, a misanthrope, a sexist, a xenophobe.So let’s start with this premise: I believe you when you say you don’t hold any of these things in your heart. I believe you when you say that these things are not why you voted for him. I BELIEVE YOU.

But/and: he and his surrogates do say hateful things, and use coded language like “certain groups” and “certain neighborhoods.” Some people are hearing those things and are now feeling emboldened to do and say truly hateful, un-American things to minority groups. The stories are pouring in: echoes of Brexit as American women have their hijabs ripped from their heads, as women are grabbed and men laugh and say “we can grab you by the pussy now,” as brown schoolchildren come home in tears because some of their white classmates have told them they’ll have to leave the country, as Black people are called n*** in the street by white people who say, “God, it feels so good to say that in public again.”

I know that that is not YOU. Hear me say it. Stop thinking I am saying this at you, when I am just saying it to you. I believe you, so please believe me.

Your knee-jerk reaction is going to be to shout, “Those bad apples don’t represent me, so don’t lay their horrible behavior at my feet!” How many ways can I say this? I believe you. But/and this is still a real phenomenon. You and those apples supported, and support, the same man, even if for vastly different reasons. And those bad apples feel really, really good right now. The KKK is holding a celebratory parade. A PARADE. Those awful people — who I rush to say, again and again, are not you — feel vindicated and empowered by this election result.

So here’s where I stand: You voted for him, so I believe you have a responsibility to hold him to a truly American standard.

I’m not asking you to reject the president-elect.

I’m not asking you to apologize for your vote.

I’m not telling you you’re not allowed to feel vindicated for your feelings of being ignored and left out and lied to.

I’m not telling you what your stance on immigration or refugees or Black Lives Matter should be.

Here’s what I am saying: You’ve said all along that you disagree with the ‘inelegant’ things Trump says about all kinds of groups of people. You’ve agreed that his statements about women are abhorrent. You say you like him because he gets stuff done, not because of the way he speaks. And I believe to my core that you agree that all people should be treated with decency.

So, now you get to prove it. It’s actually so simple: Demand that it end. Demand that he finally, vociferously reject the KKK and other white supremacist groups. Every single time he or his surrogates says something over-generalized about any group of people — “all Black people live in inner cities and their lives are hell”; “all/most/many refugees/immigrants/Muslims/whatever are dangerous”; “that woman is only a 7” — hold him to the highest standard you have. Contact him and tell him, “I support you, I voted for you, and I demand that you stop saying these things.”

Now is a real chance to prove everyone wrong. It’s also a real chance to actually protect some fellow Americans and fellow humans from harm. How?

You, a good-hearted, well-intentioned, America-loving person, can publicly and loudly demand that the President-elect and all of his surrogates and appointees denounce all hate groups who are celebrating this win as a win for their agenda. You can demand — publicly, not just on your Facebook feed or just to friends — that the President-elect make a public statement disavowing and condemning every single act of violence, intimidation, bigotry, misogyny, and hatred that is being done in his name and in the name of his movement. He should just say it: “This is disgusting, it’s un-American, and I will not allow it to be done in my name or in celebration of my Presidency.”

You are the only ones who can do this.

Do it because you are all the things you say you are: loving, tolerant, inclusive, and American.

Do it because, as Edmund Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good (wo)men to do nothing.”

Brought to me by David Goldberg, who got it from a friend! 

Extra, Extra, Read All About It! The Great Pumpkin Has Arrived!

Great Scott! You know what I just realised?

Charles M. Schulz, knew it all along. He predicted the outcome to this year’s US presidential election! 

So as America welcomes its new elected President, the world holds its breath – what wine should be served to pumpkin soup? What music best fits the world’s end? Pink Floyd’s The Wall? You know, as in “we don’t need no education”? Or more like Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds, for the “ULLLLLLAAAAAA” we’re about to hear? 

Question after questions,  but, soon they’ll all be answered, all the scientific questions propelling us to evolve so far, all in the new US history books, soon in your child’s Rucksack – consisiting of six pages. One for each day of creation. Yay! That means less time spent on homeworks and more time for burning books! 

The world is not like a Hollywood blockbuster you say. Or is it? 

In Planet Of The Apes, Zaius, the orange ape

“was a statesman who lived in Ape City during the latter half of the 40th century. He was a leading member of the Ape National Assembly, and served a dual role in ape society as Minister of Science in charge of advancing ape knowledge and also as Chief Defender of the Faith. He saw no contradiction between his two roles but in the end he chose to emphasize the blind faith of the ape religion and traditions over the scientific suggestions of the chimpanzees, preferring a stagnant, imperfect, faith-based ape culture that kept humans in check, to the open, scientific, human-curious one proposed by Cornelius and Zira’s generation.” ( from http://planetoftheapes.wikia.com/wiki/Zaius_(APJ) ) we’ll see.

The US voters made their choice, just like the British with Brexit. Devolving instead of evolving. Après moi le déluge, instead of ´onipa’a! 

Unfortunatly their decisions affect us all. So long, and thanks for all the fish! 

And on that bombshell – goodnight

Exsila ist zurück. Und wie…

Ich bin seit Beginn, mit kurzer Unterbrechung, eine überzeugte Exsilanerin, wie sich die Nutzer dieser Plattform selber nennen. Exsila hat mich nun gebeten, euch zu erzählen, warum ich das auch weiterhin sein werde. Meine Gründe, die für Exsila sprechen: 

Ich bin meine alten CDs & DVDs los geworden.

Mein Mann und ich haben unsere gesamte Musiksammlung digitalisiert. Und unsere liebsten DVDs mit dem doch deutlich besseren BluRay Format ersetzt. Die DVDs die wir mal gekauft haben um den Film einmal zu sehen, weil er hier nicht im Kino kam oder in einer anderen Version, und wir nach zwei drei Jahren nie das Bedürfnis hatten denselben nochmals anzuschauen wurden ebenfalls ausgemistet.

Doch was sollte mit den Alten passieren, verkaufen auf Ricardo? Dafür waren und sind die Gebühren zu hoch, und man muss unglaublich Schwein haben um in der Zeitspanne der Versteigerung gleich den passenden Käufer für einen alten 70er Jahre Manga zu finden.

Ins Brockenhaus geben? Die nehmen keine solchen Sachen mehr. 

Also rein auf Exsila und weg. Teilweise sogar noch während ich den Rest der umfangreichen Sammlung einstellte, waren die ersten Artikel bereits verkauft. Über die die netten Brockenhaus Damen und Herren noch kurz vorher die Nase rümpften.

Einfach und unkompliziert Artikel einstellen mit nur einem click.

Neu gibt es die iPhone und Android Exsila App. Strichcode einlesen, Preis bestätigen, fertig. Das geht ratzfatz und definitiv schneller als ihr das hier lesen könnt. Die App ist fast schon perfekt. Was mich erstaunt da sie brandneu ist.

Schnelles frankieren per Webstamp direkt in der Exsilamaske!

Es ist kein mühsames und überkompliziertes Post Geschäftskonto mehr nötig um vom günstigeren Tarif für Geschäftskunden profitieren zu können. Zudem musste mühsam jeder Name von Hand übertragen werden wenn man mit iPhone oder iPad arbeitete. Das entfällt nun alles.

Jede doppelte DVD, Buch oder die meisten Hörbücher mussten bisher als Paket zu 7.– bis 9.– versendet werden. Exklusive für Exilaner jetzt schon, für alle Anderen ab 01.01.2017 reicht das bisher nur für Geschäftskunden erhältliche Minibrief-Plus (bis 500g und bis 5cm!) à 2.80.

Endlich findet man so manchen tief in der Vergangenheit vergrabenen Schatz.

Ich kaufe auf Exsila kaum neue CDs und Filme, diese werden für meinen Geschmack viel zu teuer angeboten. Da kommen dann wieder die Händler ins Spiel die sich auf Exsila ein goldenes Näschen verdienen wollen. Diese bezeichne ich aber nicht als die wahren Exilaner, die zum tauschen hier sind. Ältere Artikel werden meist viel günstiger und fairer angeboten. Ihr wisst ja dass ich ein totaler Fan von alten Sci-Fi und Fantasie Serien und Filmen bin, auf Exsila fand ich schon die tollsten Animes aus den 60ern bis 80ers die es teilweise nicht mal mehr auf Amazon zu finden gibt. Meine Lieblingsschnäppchen waren bis jetzt: Captain Future die komplette Serie, Goldorak, der Mann aus Atlantis und die komplette Twilight Zone Kollektion für einen Bruchteil den es mich gekostet hätte diese aus Amerika oder Japan von einem Sammler einzukaufen, den horrenden Versand und die unverschämt hohen Zollkosten zu übernehmen und fünf Wochen darauf zu warten.

Die meisten Nutzer sind sehr freundlich.

Die meisten in der Community sind dankbar und vernünftig wenn sie eine tolle CD, DVD, BluRay oder Hörbuch günstig und schnell bekommen, die sie so teilweise auf dem Markt nicht finden könnten. Inzwischen kann ich sogar meine französischen und kanadischen Preziosen so loswerden. Und klappt was nicht, wird zuerst direkt miteinander eine Lösung gesucht und meistens gefunden, bevor der Kundendienst eingeschaltet werden muss.

Ehrlicherweise muss ich gestehen: Es gibt auch hier die leider inzwischen obligat gewordenen Stänkerer und Tüpflischisser die meinen für zwei Punkte (ca. 50 Rappen) eine als gebraucht verkaufte uralt-CD die zwar wie beschrieben einwandfrei funktioniert, nach zwanzig Jahren im Regal jedoch verständlicherweise nicht ohne jede sichtbare Spur, kaufen wollen um diese dann selbst teuer weiterverkaufen zu können und die dann rumjammern und teilweise sogar ein ganz klein wenig flunkern um selbst besser dazustehen. Diese Händler versuchen auch durch unfaire Bewertungen ihre eigene recht bescheidene Bewertungsskala zu relativieren, oder Konkurrenten auszuschalten. Ein paar meiner Freunde sind deswegen auch schon nicht mehr aktiv auf Exsila. Es lohnt sich jedoch dafür zu kämpfen diese unangenehmen Zeitgenossen in die Ecke zu verweisen!

Es sind zum Glück nur noch ganz Wenige davon auf Exsila tätig und der Kundendienst hilft meistens sehr schnell und kulant, wenn man sich deswegen an ihn wendet. 

Zudem lassen sich die unangenehmen und negativen Spassbremsen schnell und einfach “blockieren/blacklisten” damit sie danach nicht mehr bei Dir einkaufen und mit Dir interagieren können.  

Ich persönlich kam zurück als Exsila wieder zur reinen Tauschplattform wurde und wieder vermehrt gegen dieses Leute vorging. Dank des kürzlichen Führungswechsel bei Exsila ist ein spürbarer Wandel zum Besseren vollzogen worden, und es wird wieder vermehrt darauf geachtet dass unangenehme Zeitgenossen sich hier nicht allzu sehr breit machen und uns Hobbytauscher vertreiben. 

Ökologisch – ökonomisch sinnvoll!

Die Wegwerfmentalität ist mir zutiefst zuwider. Wenn ich etwas nicht mehr brauche, heisst das noch lange nicht, dass es jemand Anderem nicht nützlich wäre, und ihm sogar Freude bereiten könnte. Deshalb statt alte CD’s zu entsorgen, oder gar wegzuwerfen, kann man sie unverbindlich einstellen, und getrost mal abwarten. Ihr werdet es nicht bereuen. Denn plötzlich meldet sich Exsila mit der freudigen PushNote ihr hättet es verkauft. Und manchmal gibt es sogar noch ein Mail vom Käufer wo Jemand Euch erzählt wie lange und warum er/sie schon genau diesen Artikel gesucht hat.

Neue Nutzer werben lohnt sich!

Wenn ihr euch ein Exsila-Konto anlegen möchtet, dann gebt unbedingt an, dass ihr von meiner Wenigkeit (https://www.exsila.ch/natvalcas) angeworben wurdet – damit helft ihr mir bei jedem Verkauf. Denn wenn sich meine Freunde anmelden, werden mir die ersten fünf Franken ihrer durch eigene Verkäufe generierten Tauschgebühren auf mein CHF-Konto gutgeschrieben.

Und falls ihr immer noch unsicher seid, ob sich das lohnt: Wer sich einen neuen Account anlegt, erhält als Willkommensgeschenk einen Gratis Artikel. Nicht übel, oder?


May he escape the prison of his mind and fly free



I’ve known for quite a while that I’d have to write this post, but I was hoping against hope that it wouldn’t happen. As many of you know, Terry Jones has been diagnosed with Frontal Temporal Dementia/Primary Progressive Aphasia, which has severely affected his ability to speak.

Terry will be getting a well-earned Lifetime Achievement Award from BAFTA Wales next weekend, and the family chose to make the announcement in the BAFTA press release that was just sent out. In accordance with the family’s wishes, I will say no more, except that Terry agreed to go public with his diagnosis in order to raise awareness in hopes of helping others with this horrible form of dementia.

I spent this past week with Terry, staying with him at his house, going for hikes, hoisting a couple of beers, and I can say that he is much loved and being well looked…

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The Shaky Cam and Jason Bourne

Before, you had good actors in good stories, now they are pretty boys and girls filmed with a noobish shaky hand-camera drowned in an abundance of CGI, to confuse the audience into thinking they actuall watched a good movie. (And the occasional old guys making cameos, obviously needing the cash, very very badly.)  

So, instead of investing all its money into marketing ninjas trying to fix disastrously boring and endlessly repetitive movies, (yes, especially all the reboots and sequels) how about Hollywood investing in real writers, a bloody camera-tripod, and some optical image stabilisers again, for crying out loud!!! Because they are mistaking our dizziness and nausea when watching their lovelessly jotted products with excitement over a captivating story. All reboots are far worse than the most poorly written fan fiction I’ve ever read! Enough already! Hollywood makes Stephenie Meyer and E. James look like Shakespeare and Dickens these days, because they at least, stole from various sources, instead of just one, unlike all the reboot specialists trying to retell a story they never got in the first place. They are a bit like that annoying kid in kindergarten on Monday Morning, trying to recap saturdays Doctor Who episode for you, but all they got was this dude in a blue box went woosh, and boom and then he talked for a while, and boom, you know!? And I’m like: 😏🙄

yes, JJ, I’m looking at you, kid. But I digress again…

The first two Jason Bournes had spectacular stories written by a true master. The shaking and zooming were already hard to cope with, but at least the story, the choreography, character development, and pace was right, more than right it was innovative, fresh, sharp. The third still had a great story, but the shakiness and excessive use of extreme  closeups was on the knuckle.

 And then it went awry. Everyone had to use it constantly in every movie, in every scene!

The latter Bournes are just shaking all around with so many extreme zoom-ins and zoom-outs and zoom-ins and zoom-outs and a shake to the left and a shake to the right in every single scene you can’t even count them, not to talk of all the extreme closups, enough to scare every dermatologist, including Doctor Pimple Popper herself, to death. 
So please, stop it already! Every iPhone, and drone has steadycams optical stabilisers etc… on it, so just fucking use them all ready! 

The Wilhelm Scream stopped being an inside and thus funny joke after everybody started using it, now it’s just embarrassingly awkward. Like the moment your granny digs your jeans, when that happens, it’s time for a change in style, kiddo! And it’s the same with the Dramamine camera!


#JasonBourne #ShakyCamera #Hollywood #Boring